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Travels to France are fully open to vaccinated people

Travelling to France is again possible. At the following conditions:

  1. You need to be vaccinated to avoid the 7 days quarantine.
  2. Covid-19 vaccination certificate demonstrating that at least 28 days have elapsed since the first dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
  3. Or 7 days have elapsed since the second dose of the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Moderna, R-Covi (R-Pharm) or “Covid-19 Vaccine” (Fiocruz) vaccine.
  4. Or 7 days since the first dose of these vaccines if the passenger holds proof that they previously have been infected with Covid-19.
  5. Covid test is not required if you are vaccinated.
  6. Below 12 years, can travel without vaccination, test or quarantine.

As per the current travel insurance conditions, all the participants to our projects will be required to have a PCR of less than 72 hours to avail the travel insurance protection from the first day.

You can from now apply for your tourist visa for France. Consulates are open in India and they are accepting applications.

French schools are open in France, and they are waiting to welcome you!

You can enrol for one of our projects and get ready to travel again.