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The vaccination situation in France

The French population aged 12 years and above is almost vaccinated. 85% of them are fully vaccinated. (Expected to reach 90% by December 2021)

With the intensification of the vaccination for the 12-17 years old since June 2021, the rate of vaccination has jumped to 67% fully vaccinated. (Expected to be 81% by December 2021)

Since July 2021 the mask is no more compulsory outdoor in all France. In addition to that, since the 4th of October 2021, the face mask in primary schools is no more required for the students in most of the French territory.

The single dose (88%) and the fully vaccinated (85%) curves for France.

And with the improvement of the situation, we expect to see an ease in travel by the beginning of 2022.

With the youth around the world getting soon vaccinated, we expected to see our future travelers able to travel without quarantine or restrictions to Europe.

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