Card payment

The steps to follow:
To start, click on button below “Payer”
“Je choisis mon montant (TTC)” : Type the amount of your payment, in Euros.
“Vous รชtes” :
Un particulier
“Nom” : Family name/ Surname
“Prรฉnom” : First name / Given name
“Date de naissance” : Date of birth
“Email” : Email address
Adresse : Address
“Code postal” : Pin code / Postal code
“Country”: Country
“Order number”:ย Mention the order number given to you

In “Rรฉcapitulatif” you will see:
“Montant (TTC)” : The amount ofย  your payment you have already entered above
“Votre contribution au fonctionnement de HelloAsso” :ย  Click on “Modifier” to modify the suggested contribution to the payment platform. It is just a suggestion by the website and you can leave it as it is, modify it or change it to 0.
“Total du paiement” : The total amount you are about to pay
Tick the 1 or 2 boxes before the “Valider et payer”
“Valider et payer” :
Submit to pay

Any difficulty, please contact us